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Wolf Dog Rescue
Are they not some dear mother's child?  Are they not you & I?  Are we the ones to bear the shame, and they--the sacrifice?  ...or are they just like falling leaves, who give themselves away, from dust to dust and sea to shear, unto another day?--John Denver

Many, many wolf-dog mixes end up abandoned or in shelters due to inherent traits of crossing any wild animal with a domestic: strong prey drive, difficulty confining, aloof disposition.  There was once an unfortunate situation in our country that allowed wolves, although they were "protected" by the Endangered Species Act, to be hunted to near extinction, oftentime for a government-subsidized bounty.  That situation has been remedied with the reintroduction of the Gray Wolf into Yellowstone and other appropriate areas. It is our position here at TBS (Formerly Falling Leaves Wolf Haven) that all persons who possess wolf-dog mixes should spay or neuter them and keep them for their entire life span, and that it is pure exploitation to keep breeding animals and SELL their offspring for a profit, not to mention that's illegal in most areas now.  If you have breeding animals you no longer want, DO NOT contact us.  Dealing with breeders can exceed our ability to be polite considering how many animals die in shelters while we try to find placement for them. Nearly all counties in Texas have made ownership either impractical (by imposing extreme fencing requirements and "dangerous animal insurance") or outright illegal.

The general public is neither educated nor prepared to take on the difficult task of managing one of these animals.  We turn down (due to lack of space) about 90% of the desperate calls we get regarding wolf-dogs needing immediate placement.  Most wolf-dogs we do accept are from shelters, rarely from individuals. 

Our dream is to build a several acre sized permanent sanctuary for these guys, but for now we operate a placement program which is always seeking permanent, appropriate homes for the wolf-dogs in our care.  All wolf-dogs for adoption are altered, disposition tested, and current on all vetting.  Besides basic dog adoption requirements, potential adopters must have or be willing to build a wolf-proof kennel (#9 chain link, with a top and dig-proof bottom) with a minimum of 144 ft. sq. (12' X 12') for confinement purposes when the animal is not with it's family.